2 thoughts on “A proper negroni”

  1. Loved this. Where can I get Cynar?

    Sadly I couldn’t drink it as I wouldn’t be able to stand up afterwards, alas my tolerance of alcohol is completely useless these days. But I can now make a proper Negroni for my friends!

    Is that your kitchen with the flashing lights?

    One thing I am doing during lockdown is lots of cooking. I’ve found a butcher who sells calves liver if you order it, and we had it this evening with purée potatoes and onion marmalade. (Apologies if you are vegetarian- I can’t remember!)

    Also I had a lovely morning helping a friend with her allotment. Proper gardening. So if not all good, all not too bad, considering.

    Stay well, as we all say these days.


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    1. Maybe a sip then Tessa? One is definitely enough. I’m sure you can find it in any licensed Italian deli, think I’ve seen it at Lina’s and I’m sure Gerry’s in Soho would stock it. And yes. It’s about half of kitchen – the bit without the fridge and the sink.


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